The Future in Survey Solutions & Applications


FARO® is pleased to announce the launch of the all-new Focus Swift, the first fully integrated indoor mobile mapping solution. Designed to accomplish large-area as-built capturing tasks with minimal time and effort, this lightweight and highly portable extension of FARO’s renowned FocusS Laser Scanner delivers better data faster, enabling AEC industry professionals to balance between accuracy and efficiency.

As its name suggests, Swift is fast. Depending on accuracy requirements, the innovative device is capable of taking mobile scans of large complex areas up to 10 times faster than traditional static scans. Users can also directly import in any CAD system to simplify their modeling plan with automated processes and optimize their scan to BIM workflow. Internally, Swift is powered by revolutionary FARO SCENE software, which automatically processes data from Focus and ScanPlan 2D mapper into accurate 3D point clouds.

Swift is ideal for indoor scans of factories, office buildings, hospitals, and retail shops. Its intuitive, easy-to-use functionality, simple push operation with comfortable handles, and continuous cable-free operation without external power means that operators can work faster and smarter while delivering better quality scans and enjoy a significant reduction in on-scene and processing time.

A ‘Focus’ on ‘Swift’ Performance
Swift enters the 3D mobile mapping market at an opportune time. At present, there are handheld devices, wearable backpack products and bulkier vehicle-bound systems. Swift is a lightweight, highly versatile alternative that delivers the best of both worlds and will set the new industry standard for affordable, high-precision 3D scanning technology.

It also comes down to product demand. Last year, the 3D scanning market was valued at $1.2 billion. And, assuming continued rapid economic recovery, it was expected to reach nearly $4 billion by late 2025, with a combined annual growth rate of 22 percent from 2020–2025. The bottom line: 3D scanners are among the most innovative products that have transformed—and will continue to transform—the world. Not only architectural, engineering and construction firms, but also insurance agencies, mining companies and potentially many other market segments will look to adopt these technologies. Thus, getting in the game now makes long-term money-making sense.

Compact for transport and crafted to fit in only two carry-on sized cases, the carbon fiber tripod and three-wheeled vehicle that accompany Swift can be easily folded for travel. Its features like this that make the 39lb device a high-value cutting-edge product, destined to increase productivity and reduce inefficiency. Additionally, its user interface is compatible to run on any mobile phone, so operators have real-time awareness of how much of a job has been completed.

Swift is designed for a wide range of challenging industrial operating conditions (5C to 40C) and can run for two hours on a 14.4-volt internal battery, or longer using additional battery packs. It is also well suited for scanning service providers eager to generate the most accurate as-built models and building documentation, while ensuring construction quality control. So, whether it is a large construction company, general contractor, facility and plant manager, or someone else, Swift will deliver uncommon accuracy wherever clarity and precision is needed.